How does the 12 Week Challenge work?


How does    work?

SpinGolf is a weekly golf competition for Australian amateur golfers with a valid handicap. To take part, simply enter a SpinGolf competition online and play a round of your regular competition golf.

SpinGolf automatically takes your score at the end of each week to determine winners with the top 1 – 10 players per pool awarded cash vouchers valued between $1000 and $50. Better still, SpinGolf limits competition pools to a maximum of 300 players, giving you a greater chance to win.

The great thing is you don’t have to do anything different. Simply enter and play your regular round of golf – SpinGolf will do the rest.


We want to grow the golf industry and for that to happen we need to work with each and every club across Australia to improve round numbers and increase sales.



We provide all amateur golfers across Australia the chance to win up to $1,000 weekly, simply by playing in their local club competition and being a SpinGolf member. In addition, we provide all winners the opportuniy to spend their vouchers at any golf club in Australia.



– Regular commission for all members taking part in SpinGolf

– Tailored marketing material for your club

– Increased revenue through golf club sales

The 12 Week Challenge: Crisp & Clear

, and have joined forces to offer a 12 week challenge to Australian golf courses, clubs and driving ranges.


  • has the opportunity to purchase quality hardwood GolfAds signs for a special promotional price.
  • receives a full 12 week marketing programme for club members, supplied to the club for its own (or third party confidential service) distribution to members promoting .
  • may earn commission on the promotion of the national amateur competition.
  • will earn immediate guaranteed revenue from current GolfAds advertising campaigns for 2 months.
  • may also register for ongoing advertising revenue on the GolfAds signs by joining GolfAds campaigns. ADVERTISE WITH US
  • will receive immediate membership for the club and its members to . ABOUT US
  • may also earn referral fees from members booking tours through . ABOUT US

and  are pleased to invite Australian golf clubs to join  the .

This unique event is open to all
Public | Private | Community Golf Courses.

The 12 Week Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Why does GolfAds promote SpinGolf?

GolfAds is  proud to be associated with SpinGolf, offering the most exciting new innovation in amateur golf competitions in the country. Clubs are invited to promote SpinGolf to their members, and in doing so to generate ongoing revenue from every member-paid subscription, not just in the first year but continuing whilst ever their member continues to subscribe to SpinGolf, and the club continues to support SpinGolf.

SpinGolf provides all amateur golfers across Australia the chance to win up to $1,000 weekly, simply by playing in their local club competition and being a SpinGolf member. In addition, they provide all winners the opportunity to spend their vouchers at any golf club in Australia.

The great thing about SpinGolf is that for every person that enters our competition, that is one golfer who has played at a local club competition. The more SpinGolf members, the more local club golfers.


How many hardwood signs can I purchase?

Each club may commit to a minimum of two and a maximum of 24 signs in the 12 week challenge, subject to availability. There is no limit on purchases for regular orders.

Why is the 12 Week Challenge worth it?

What’s on Offer: Premium hardwood GolfAds signs, (max 24 per club) at the promotional discounted price.How to Receive: Secure members for SpinGolf golf competition during the 12 Week Challenge.Members’ Reward: The winners from SpinGolf receive prizes.

THE CLUB COMMITMENT  Your club commits to the 12 Week Challenge; GolfAds Media supplies you with emails and other marketing material; you issue an email each week for 12 weeks to the club members, add a SpinGolf promotion to the club newsletter etc., and incorporate digital marketing on the Club’s screens and website.

EXAMPLE 1  Your club purchases 4 GolfAds signs at the discounted price of $1,700 plus delivery*, less advertising rental of $600 for the first two months (net payment of $1100 plus delivery*). If a total of 40 club members subsequently join SpinGolf, all with an annual silver membership, the club receives a commission of $1,800.*

EXAMPLE 2  Your club purchases 24 GolfAds signs, at a total cost of $10,200 plus delivery*, and you choose not to accept the advertising revenue on offer from GolfAds campaigns, as you prefer to use the signs for your own sponsors and messaging. GolfAds delivers the signs immediately on receipt of payment. If the club has assisted in generating 100 SpinGolf annual gold members, the club receives a commission from SpinGolf of $6,500*.

* All values are exclusive of GST.


Can you explain how the 12 Week Challenge works one more time?

Our 12 Week Challenge gives clubs the chance to obtain highly visible premium course signage for  $275 each. The renowned GolfAds signs are made from high quality Australian hardwood, are environmentally friendly, and blend effortlessly with the natural golf course environment.

The double-sided signs may be situated at each tee, and around other highly visible areas such as the clubhouse, pro shop, car park and putting green. Currently retailing at $595 each*, they are available for sale from 2 signs to pallets of 24 signs.

By virtue of a joint promotion between GolfAds Media, ClubMaster and SpinGolf, Australian golf clubs and courses have the opportunity to secure GolfAds signs immediately at the full pallet discount price of $425 each* for orders of two or more signs.

In addition, the club will immediately receive revenue from advertising on each hardwood sign for a two month advertising campaign, returning a guaranteed $150 back to the club for each sign (a return of nearly 35% ON INVESTMENT IN 2 MONTHS). This revenue effectively reduces the cost of each GolfAds hardwood sign from $595 to $275, less than half of the initial purchase price.

Furthermore, the club will receive commission from its members participating in the SpinGolf national golf competition, and from members booking travel through ClubMaster Travel, providing further rebates against the purchase of the signs.

Participating clubs may also register for further income through the GolfAds and ClubMaster marketing programs.

All clubs need to do is to join the promotion of SpinGolf memberships, a weekly national amateur golf competition, and choose which of the optional features they wish to accept.

Once a club commits to the 12 week Challenge, the club commences a supplied marketing program of communications to its members, inviting members to join SpinGolf with a choice of silver or gold memberships. The cost of these are respectively $10 and $15 for each weekly competition, with annual memberships available at $450 and $650 respectively.*

In return for providing this support, the club receives a 10% commission (in year one, and 5% thereafter) on the value of all SpinGolf memberships purchased by the club’s members during and after the Challenge. This continues whilst the club continues to support the SpinGolf competition.

This special campaign will run for 12 weeks from the date the club signs its commitment, subject to availability of stock of GolfAds Hardwood Signs.

Each club may commit to a minimum of two and a maximum of 24 signs, subject to availability.

The club pays for the signs at the discounted rate (conditional on the club agreeing to participate in the 12 Week Challenge) and for delivery of the GolfAds signs, less the guaranteed rental on the first two months of GolfAds advertising campaigns.

The signs are delivered immediately, generally within 14 days of payment. At the end of the campaign, the SpinGolf commission will be paid to the club based on the value of competition subscriptions from members.

For more information on SpinGolf competitions please visit